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DUCATI Akkumulátor csepptöltő - Akkumulátor csepptöltő

DUCATI Akkumulátor csepptöltő - Akkumulátor csepptöltő

raktáron (szállítás 48 órán belül)

DUCATI Akkumulátor csepptöltő
Battery maintainer new connector

Ára: 49 200 Ft

maintainer Automatic Upload Original Ducati Moto Euro 5 69928471B


  • Maintainer charge for Ducati motorcycles Euro 5 with battery 69928471B lead
  • CABLE ADAPTER 5101G732A included in the package
  • Always keeps charging the battery and also protects for long periods of storage, increasing the life cycle
  • Optimize the performance of modern sealed batteries 12V
  • Suitable for 12V lead-acid batteries (STD, AGM, GEL) with capacity from 2Ah to 30Ah
  • Retrieve, thanks to low-voltage pulses, the batteries accidentally discharged (greater than or equal to 4)
  • Not suitable for batteries NICD, NIMH, non-rechargeable LION
  • 3 LED: Power - Upload and verification of the charge - Battery Maintenance
  • POWER: after connecting the maintainer to a battery with at least 4 V compounds, the program automatically proceeds from the LED # 2 with the LED # 3 (program resets after disconnecting)
  • CHARGE AND VERIFICATION OF CHARGE: FIRST PHASE a current to 0.6 A max pulses. Is supplied, so as to prepare the battery with low voltage to receive a normal charge. Charge time from 15 minutes to 2 hours max (# 2 LED flashes). In SECOND PHASE maintainer delivers a constant current of 0.6 A to the battery, up to a voltage of 14.2-14.5 V (LED # 2 remains fixed access). The STEP THREE includes a battery test circuit (LED # 2 remains constant access)
  • MAINTENANCE OF BATTERY: at this stage periods trickle charge and the voltage retention test alternate every half hour. Through this process, the maintainer is able to verify if the battery is able to remain above 12.4 V for the entire duration of the operation. (LED # 3 remains on), otherwise it returns to the LED # 2
  • complete charging time of a battery discharge, but no damage is slightly less than 2x the nominal value Ah of the battery, and then for a 12Ah battery should not more than 24 h be necessary to proceed to Step 3 (for deeply discharged batteries may take several hours)
  • Brand new and original Ducati


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